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Jamaican Day Extravaganza

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Jamaican Day Extravaganza - Fun 4 Kids

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Jamaican Day Extravaganza - Fun 4 Families

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A Fun Pack Day in the Heart of North London

17th  July 2016 – Edmonton Sports and Social Club

Jamaican Day Extravaganza

The Jamaican Day Extravaganza event is held for the 2nd year at The Edmonton Sports & Social Club has a huge ground for this type of event. After doing this last year we have decided to step up what should be on offer if we are to present Jamaica as the exotic island it is. It has a broad market appeal as the popularity of Jamaican Cuisine crosses easily in London’s dynamic, multi-ethnic population, who loves anything do with Jamaican Food and Drink and culture. It starts at 12 noon and finishes at 8pm.
We are hoping to attract over 1,000 people to this free event. Raffle tickets will be sold with part proceeds donated to Prostate Cancer UK.
The London Jamaica Family Fun Day Annual Food Festival describes it for what it is. It will highlight Caribbean style cuisine in a garden party setting. 20/20 Cricket and a Domino Tent.


There will be vendors selling every culinary delights of Jamaica, alongside Fresh fruit from the Caribbean, Art & Craft merchandise, competitions for Best Dressed Jamaican costumes, either in Jamaica’s colour or Jamaica’s traditional costumes and various other entertainments guaranteed. There will also be a stall selling authentic imported food from Jamaica ideally Grace Foods brands. All this in the backdrop of great reggae vibes being played as they sip mouth watering rum punch or a coconut jelly or a simple snow cone.

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17th  July 2016 – Edmonton Sports and Social Club

Jamaican Day Extravaganza

The Jamaican Day Extravaganza - 17th July 2016

Jamaican Day Extravaganza

The Jamaican Day Extravaganza is a Family Day Out. The intention is on entrance attendees will be taken on a adventure of being back in Jamaica offering our culture at its very best. There will be children entertainment displaying games of what used to be played as a child….Dandy Shandy, Hop Scotch etc. And the good old face painting which always go down a treat, bouncy castle to name a few.
For adults we are envisioning among the musical entertainment and sports of Cricket and Dominoes, there will be an information area that would promote like a One Stop area, promoting local information about Jamaica and its services. Like Jamaica Property Services lawyers, Passport and Visa Information that is serviced via Jamaica High Commission, The Jamaica Tourist Board, Digicel and Bill Payment services for Jamaica, including a Travel agency.

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Jamaican Day Extravaganza
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